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ReFrame Rise™ is a comprehensive and customized two-year sponsorship program that provides high-level endorsement and career acceleration for experienced female directors who are poised to lead commercial features and high-profile television shows.

Research shows that sponsorship, as opposed to mentorship, can enhance and accelerate a person’s career trajectory. A sponsor is an advocate who can propel a candidate to the top of a hiring list and provide access to the industry’s most powerful networks. ReFrame™ sponsorship differs from traditional mentorship in that it depends on a cross company collaboration of industry leaders to select, guide, and ultimately endorse the director—moving beyond career advice to actively landing jobs. ReFrame Rise directors will be paired with a team of three sponsors who will provide support based on the individual goals of the filmmakers.

Current studies demonstrate that there is a seven to 10-year gap in the careers of women who create content. There are gender barriers at each stage of the production process that cause “drop-out” patterns that hinder women filmmakers’ traction and success in Hollywood—a pattern that has not changed in the last 15 years. Findings illustrate that gender representation needs to address the barriers affecting women of all backgrounds, as only seven of the 1,200 top-grossing films from 2007-2018 were directed by women of color. Through ReFrame Rise, we hope to advance our philosophy that inclusive representation in media and diverse storytelling can transform the world by allowing us to better understand and connect with one another.

It’s been a privilege to work with Women In Film and the team of Ambassadors to select this remarkable cohort of female directors who are ready for the next stage in their careers. These eight directors have the talent, voice, ambition and commitment needed to change the industry and expand the diversity and breadth of stories being told. This is a community wide effort, where everyone in the industry has a role to play in changing the narrative and ensuring the success of our pilot year.
— Michelle Satter, Founding Director, Sundance Institute Feature Film Program

ReFrame would like to thank co-presenting sponsor Hulu,

and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for their support of ReFrame Rise.