ReFrame Culture Change Toolkit
ReFrame will provide a toolkit with examples and resources of how to change culture in organizations that will include:

  • Best Practices – hiring and retaining (both staff and project management hires)
  • Successful examples of gender inclusion strategies from entertainment and other industries.
  • Combating Bias: offering conscious inclusion programs and resources built by expert consultants specifically for the media industry.

ReFrame Sponsor/Protégé Program is an industry-wide effort to advance high-potential female talent in gate-keeping positions, including directing, writing and producing. In the program’s first phase, a senior team representing a cross-section of industry experts will identify a cohort of women directors to participate in the program. Each will be paired with a team of sponsors  (male and female senior executives) to ensure that they advance to the next level. We are starting with directors because the greatest gap is there, but this sponsor program can and will be applied to the other gate-keeping positions in the future.

ReFrame Stamp will be awarded to films and TV shows that are gender inclusive based on an 8-point rating system (number of female writers, directors, producers, cast etc.)  Projects and companies receiving the stamp will be widely promoted by ReFrame, and encouraged to incorporate it on marketing materials. (Model drawn from HRC campaign and LEED certification.)